Calor Cylinder Agreement

The CRA (or cylinder recharging agreement) is a contract you get when you buy a new Calor cylinder. It can also be found below: If you need a cylinder refund, please download the form below: 5. Each national customer can return a maximum of five cylinders per calendar year for a fee of $7.50 per cylinder. Payment is made under the question of whether the customer creates a photo ID with the customer`s full name and address, and the photo ID card must be created at the time of payment. The customer`s name and address are retained by Calor for payment and audit purposes, but these details are not used for marketing purposes. Cylinder service charges and cylinder refund forms: download our cylinder registration form and cylinder refund form here. 7. In order to avoid any doubt, domestic customers who return a Calor cylinder to a Calor centre and are in possession of a valid calor-cylinder recharging contract will receive the amount to which they are entitled under the terms of the Cylinder Refill Agreement, the amount greater than the payment offered under the system. Of course. For Calor customers, please note that Calor drivers do not carry cash during the ride or have the option to process your documents while they are on the go, so they cannot refund if they pick up your gas bottle. If you would like a refund of the gas cylinder, please visit your nearest Calor Centre. To find your nearest Calor Centre and return your gas cylinder, use the “Calor Centre” filter on our dealer.

If you have other branded cylinders like Flogas or Avanti that have been ordered from us, call us and we will arrange the pickup. 4. To obtain payment of $7.50, the LPG cylinder held by Calor must be returned to a Calor center in an appropriate condition (at Calor`s sole discretion). There are 50 Calor centers – you can find more information in The company makes the cylinder or cylinders available to the customer as a means of transporting and storing the delivered gas safely. This contract is not a rental contract and does not provide title in the cylinder to the user. The user will not separate himself from the possession or control of the cylinder (except a CALOR outlet) nor will he claim to have right-wing rights in conflict with this agreement, nor create, pretend, or attempt to create or attempt to create or attempt to create an agency or a lease concerning the cylinder or the user`s obligations or obligations. 3. Under the system, a national customer who is unable to present his recharging contract (an agreement granted to a first customer who buys FL-SSSIGgas in a Calor cylinder) and returns a calor cylinder clean to a Calor centre, but does not require recharging, is entitled to a cash payment of USD 7.50 of the returned bottle, for a maximum of five bottles in one year. Non-commercial users of calor-LPG cylinders returning to a Calor center an unwanted LpG cylinder owned by Calor are entitled to a cash payment of $7.50 per cylinder (maximum five cylinder returns per person) under the following conditions (“the scheme”): 1.